Who are we?

DMI began operations in 1997, focused to design, manufacture and integration of automated equipment and machinery, to support the local market in specific process with a specialized requirements. Today DMI provides equipment to the national and foreign industries. Our DMI vertical process, gives us the advantage to be highly competitive in cost, quality and delivery, so we can deliver a quick answer to unforeseen events.

DMI is a CLUSTER “MANUFACTURAS AVANZADAS DEL ESTADO DE CHIHUAHUA” founder memeber, has been founded in 2017, focused to improve the supply chain for foreigner and national industries.

DMI have machines:

Cutter and bend metal, solder equipment (TIG, MIG, Electric), Pirana cutter machine, 130 tons press power (PPAP´s and FAT availability established in schedule.

Busines portfolio:

  • Robots manipulators
  •  Mechanical and electronical design
  • Machinery upgrade/refurbish
  • Dedicated automated machine
  • Automatic controlled system
  • Conveyors production lines assembly cells
  • Pneumatic hydraulic, electrical facilities
  • Spare part & precision part fabrication

Products Equipment:

  • Material handing equipment
  • linear transfer system
  • Electrical Tester
  • Security system
  • Robotic System
  • Torque station
  • Vision system
  • work station
  • Leak tester
  • Manipulators
  • Conveyors

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